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To D.I.Y or Not to D.I.Y – THAT is the Question

Doing it right the first time and opting for a professionally-designed website can offer you a far greater ROI in the long-term, saving you considerable time, frustration, and most importantly money. The obvious appeal of a Do-It-Yourself website is the initial saving you’ll make by not hiring a professional Web Designer and Developer. Nowadays, there […]

Why do I have to update my Content Management System (CMS)?

Find out why keeping your CMS up to date is vital to the success of your website – and business! A properly configured CMS should allow you to easily manage your website to ensure that it’s functioning at maximum capacity, while withstanding the threats that risk running your website into the ground. Should your website […]

The Value of Backing-Up Your Website

The digital world is full of risks to your website, deliberate or otherwise. Site back up is a small investment for a lot of peace of mind! Click on the article to find out more… Whenever you’re working on a computer, writing any type of document or creating a funky piece of digital artwork, there’s […]

Have you ever wondered what goes into a logo design?

During May, our designer captured the design process in developing a typographic logo for a client. Check out the resulting timelapse here! This video was created over a space of 4 hours of design time, and three revisions with the client. A standard process for a basic logo design. The themes for the design was […]

AnimalCaptcha Resurrected

We have updated and improved a version of an open source captcha library with a cute and novel twist and released the changes for everyone to enjoy. For one of our client’s websites we where asked to provide a captcha solution that was a bit more interesting than the standard type-in-the-distorted-words-covered-in-squiggles that is common on […]

Content – The forgotten purpose

Content is by far the most important part to your website – hell, it’s the REASON your site exists! so people can visit your site to find information. Are you neglecting the most important reason for your sites existance? What do your visitors want to see? What are they going to find the most useful? […]