Branding for Business Success

Your brand means so much more than simply creating an eye-catching logo.
Your brand is your company’s identity and personality – it is how your clients or customers relate to you.  The value of your brand in the eyes of your clients or customers is referred to as brand equity and is arguably the most important asset to your business.


Brand Identity and Design

Full Service Branding

We provide end to end branding solutions so that the heart of your business is conveyed with clarity and consistency at every turn.
From conceptual development through strategy implementation to high-quality execution, we ensure your brand reaches your target market in the most effective and affordable way.

Brand Workshops

Brand Workshops

Workshops give business owners the chance to understand their business goals, in order to build a strong brand concept and a strategy which will help these goals become reality.


The key values and assets of your brand.
The most effective way of promoting these qualities.
How to communicate your brand’s personality.



Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

Effective branding relies on thorough planning, strong strategy and powerful execution. Our team will develop strategies that deliver brand awareness consistent with your core business message.
Based on research and workshopping, we will suggest solutions across digital and print platforms that deliver you maximum return on investment.

Branding Identity Design

Branding Identity Design

Our team develop visual solutions that match your brand concept and goals, appealing to your target audience through carefully selected fonts, colours, lines, shapes, images and everything in between.
We combine an outstanding eye for detail with strategic overview to ensure your brand message reaches your audience, loud and clear.


Our Brand Packages

Logo Design

Logo Design

This involves creating a nice looking logo, likely a clean, modern typographic solution that you can use on your business cards, letterhead, and whatever else you need it for. We would supply a logo pack, which would include every single variation of the logo you could possibly need (web versions, print versions, black and white etc)


  • A Number of Concept Design Options
  • Corporate Logo Pack
  • Optional Logo Style Guide

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Brand Strategy & Design

For this type of solution, we will undergo a much more intensive research and development phase, where we will look at the market, competition and assess your company values and goals in detail to produce a brand solution, with mock ups and examples of how this could be applied in different situations for consistency (eg website, stationery, packaging, uniforms etc)


  • A Number of Concept Design Options
  • Corporate Logo Pack
  • Brand Style Guide
  • Corporate Colours & Fonts
  • Application Examples

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Complete Branding Package

In our full branding package we will undergo the full research and development phase to ensure a long lasting, audience appropriate and comprehensive complete brand that aligns 100% with your company values and goals, and promotes future growth.


  • A Number of Concept Design Options
  • Corporate Logo Pack
  • Brand Style Guide
  • Corporate Colours & Fonts
  • Corporate Branded Stationery
  • Company Signage, Brochures and Collateral
  • Company Website
  • Company Sociale Media Pages

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See some of our latest branding projects

From trades to health care, accountants and digital products, we’ve helped to brand 100’s of businesses for success. Check out some of our recent work below:

SFI Global

Refreshed branding brought into line with new Brand Style Guidelines, printed collateral, business cards and website design

BPO Connect

New Logo, Branding and Business Cards designed and printed for BPO Connect.

VSP Components

New branding, logo and business cards designed for VSP Components


Business cards and letterhead stationery designed and printed for as part of a comprehensive brand package.

Design on Demand

Internal company brand update, with comprehensive Brand Guidelines, printed brand collateral and website design… you’re already here!

C Digital

Brand update for C Digital, including Corporate Brand Guidelines, branded collateral and website design

Kids Time

Business cards we designed for KidsTime.

High Street Chiropractic

Upgrade the High Street Chiropractic logo and brand, including modernising the brand colours and stationery.

Caulfield Dermatology

Company Rebrand for Caulfield Dermatology. Included new logo, stationery, collateral, signage and website.

Sky Accountants – ReBrand

A new look for sky accountants with their modernised and refreshed branding.

Moonee Valley Specialist Centre

Company rebrand for Moonee Valley Specialist Centre